Potabilizadora was a semi-electronic Noisecore project created by Javier and Manolo on early 1993

At the same time Javier also was doing the project Jangle and Manolo was also playing with the band Genital Masticator.

Previously in November '92, Manolo and Javier also have joined with another friend, Fernando (who played drums in the band Pathetic) a Grindnoise band called Pancreas but they quickly disbanded.


Potabilizadora was active until the summer of 1995.


In early 1993, Manolo and Javier, two friends who enjoyed the same musical insanity and developed other projects by their own decided to join Potabilizadora.

May 1993.

POTABILIZADORA - "60 Songs Demo" (C46) 1993

On May 1st and 7th Manolo and Javier recorded their first demo by two different sessions with no previous rehearsals and minimum soundchecks.

They developed their noise by using the following sources:
- Bass (Manolo played with an electric Ovation bass and a DS-1 boss guitar pedal).
- Drum sounds (this sounds were recorded with a taperecorded out of the speakers of a very cheap home keyboard, and then Javier played this sounds-tape to be blended with the rest of noises).
- Vocals (Javier and Manolo did vocals in a low volume growling, barfing and other sick voice sounds with the mic into the mouth using cheap microphones with saturation, saturation which sometimes was provided by the recording process and sometimes by using the same DS-1 boss guitar pedal the bass used).
- And at last but not least, A small SOny home audio system was used for mixing and recording everything into tape. This audiosystem had a mic entrance which was used to input the bass and vocals at the same time using a chain of jack/minijack adapters, on tape deck one was the samples tape prepared to sound when Javier pushed play on the deck.
On tape deck 2 a blank sony tape was waiting to start recording by releasing the pause button.
This machine didn't have recording volume so a few sound checks were needed to mix volumes, correcting especially on the bass volume because it was the only audio source suitable for setting its volume.

So, Javier was who did all the artwork for the cover of this recording and he counted plus named the 60 songs, using an absurd word code invented by himself.

Manolo released it on a single sided C46 tape in his own tape label Cadaverizer Records and started trading it with friends and distributing it. This was Cadaverizer Records#007.

June 1993.

POTABILIZADORA - "134 Songs Demo" (C46) 1993

After listening many times to the first demo Manolo and Javier were really motivated to keep the project going on, so they recorded the second demo in one day, on June 5th by using the same methods which were used on the "60 Songs Demo" recording.

So, Javier was again doing the artwork for this one and named the 134 tracks using the POTABILIZADORA code.

Manolo again released it on a single sided C46 tape in his own tape label Cadaverizer Records and started trading it with friends and distributing it. This was Cadaverizer Records#009.

Sometimes summer 1993.

After the 2nd demo Manolo and Javier joined a couple of times again to record new material. Again by using the same methods in the recording process.

These recordings were used in:



Both of them released on Manolo's label, Cadaverizer Records.

Both artworks on these Cadaverizer Records' releases were also done by Javier.

Also sometimes in the end of 1993 was recorded a nearly 4 minutes recording which was used in "DESPOJO DE IRA" Compilation Tape released by DESPOJO DE IRA PRODUCCIONES and included other Spanish Noise projects such as: Genital Masticator, Brutal Noise, Machakakraneos, Potabilizadora, Agonia Akustika, Agony Terror System, Psychotic Noise, Patata, Splatter Grind, Jangle, Grindcolera, Ruidosis, La Suegra, El Experimento De Pako, Infección Crónica, Necrotic, Theologycal, Scraps Of Food, Lapiz and Petabravas.


After some moths without recording because house moving and student duties POTABILIZADORA joined again.

This year the sound of the project changes drastically because started using other gear and methods.
The tiny Sony audio system (which was responsible for the sound on the 1993 recordings) was replaced by a cassette multitracker recorder (4 tracks CUTEC heavy size with even analog volume meters).
And the previous cheap keyboard drum sounds were replaced by a modern (at that time) YAMAHA model RX8 drum machine which was provided by our friend Abian (responsible for the project SOVAKO active and close at that time of putting his first demo out through Cadaverizer Records).

This year POTABILIZADORA, despite of recording many stuff, only got released a split tape with Sociedad De Rechazo through Cadaverizer Records and some compilation appereances.


October 1994.

Also sometimes in October 1994 was recorded a nearly 4 minutes recording called "Filucapitus Eterca Calona" which was used in "ESCROTO TOTAL 2" Compilation Tape released by Z.D.P. (ZDP#014) and included other Spanish Noise projects such as: Grenyator, K.K.D.O.B.J., Potabilizadora, Noiseabundos, Konkeror, Agacoples , Magin, Diarrea Zerebral, Pizarra Uproar and Humus De Lombriz.

A Japanese label asked to release POTABILIZADORA third demo on tape plus a Flexi 7"ep, so this stuff was recorded in June and October of 1994, but these never got released.

R.O.N.F. RECORDS is releasing these days (October 2015) POTABILIZADORA's third demo which was recorded in October'94.

POTABILIZADORA - "Despercatos Asofäl, Ñoghs!" (C60) 1994 - 2015

This 248 Songs Demo was recorded in two days, October 4th and 30th and it has a running time of nearly 30 minutes.

18 minutes of this tape were included in Potabilizadora "Sesions" (CDr| 2007| R.O.N.F. RECORDS).

R.O.N.F. RECORDS is planning to release another tape with 1994 unreleased POTABILIZADORA recordings.


After October 1994 POTABILIZADORA delayed joining again until August 1995 and then only two recordings were tape registered on August 15th and 27th, using the same methods they used in 1994.

- August 15th: "Filpilorüetas Abasayash Deflekon Session" (about 20 minutes).
- August 27th: "The Derbalotipulon Humarmecas Session" (about 20 minutes).

These two POTABILIZADORA recordings remain unreleased. Despite of them being included in Potabilizadora "Sesions" (CDr| 2007| R.O.N.F. RECORDS) in 2007 they were chopped, edited and remixed using computer methods.

R.O.N.F. RECORDS has plans to release another tape with these 1995 unreleased POTABILIZADORA recordings in their raw state without being editted and from the original tape masters.


After some years, in 2004, Manolo contacted Javier again to reactivate the project POTABILIZADORA as well as asking him help for running together a new Noise CDr label based in the '90s spirit of Cadaverizer Records: R.O.N.F. RECORDS.

From 2004 to 2008 POTABILIZADORA did some recordings and released some stuff... This story will be written down here soon.

Complete Discography Listing

- "60 Songs Demo". Tape. Cadaverizer Records. 1993

- "134 Songs Demo". Tape. Cadaverizer Records. 1993

- Potabilizadora / Extreme Hair Stench / Machakakraneos - Three Way Tape. Cadaverizer Records. 1993

- Potabilizadora / Sociedad De Rechazo - Split Demo. Tape. Cadaverizer Records. 1994

- " Despercatos Asofäl, Ñoghs " (Demo'94) ( Cassette ) 2015 R.O.N.F. Records.

- 2004 Promo CD-R. CDr. Cadaverizer Records. 2004

- Potabilizadora / Dosa / Anal Massaker / Urinary Dysfunction - 4 Way Split cdr #2. CDr. R.O.N.F. Records. 2006

- "Sessions". CDr. R.O.N.F. Records. 2007

- Potabilizadora / Napalm Noise - Split Tape. Underground Pollution Records. 2008

- Potabilizadora / Melanocetus Murrayi / Funeral Mongoloids / Colico - 4 Way Split Cdr #4. CDr. R.O.N.F. Records / Mierda En La Cabeza. 2008

- Potabilizadora + Armenia - "Armenbilizadora". Collaboration Cdr. R.O.N.F. Records. 2008

Various images from zines

Antimusica'Zine by Leo Sabatto and Carlos Robles (Ecuador).


Noisy Madness'Zine by Ildefonso Zambrana and Francisco Carreño (Spain).


Paranoise'Zine by Daniel P. Navarro (Spain).


Ironia'Zine by Jordi Velilla (Spain).


MACHAKAKRANEOS sticker done by Marko Kalle (MACHAKAKRANEOS).