M.D.A. - "Podredumbre Social" (MINI-CDR)

This is the reissue of the 1991 M.D.A. demo recording they released as a Demo Tape on the Peruvian label ASCO TAPES then. M.D.A. was a two member noisecore band formed by Leonardo Bacteria and Miguel Tipacti. Miguel also played on other known Peruvian Noisecore acts such as AUDICIÓN IRRITABLE and ATROFIA CEREBRAL; plus this was one of those old demo tapes we were enjoying through the years and a 'must' worth to be reissued to make it available again for a bunch of noisecore freaks out there. Playing here a pure Southamerican noisecore style with fast drums, noisy guitar and shouted political/ Punk lyrics. Lively recorded with cassette recorder on their rehearsal room and slightly remastered from the original master tape this is a total old school recording for all those who love Noisecore.

18 minutes length. 110 songs. Old school style xeroxed cover and insert. Packaged in mini-dvd case.